Dr. Petro, Chiropractor

We have worked with Carolina Billing Associates for 5 years.  They set the bar when it comes to insurance billing with their efficiency, reliability, and collections. In the ever changing insurance landscape they navigate any challenge proactively and seamlessly.  It is hard to imagine our practice running the same without their services. Stacey and her team bring calm to a chaotic insurance billing world and we could not be more pleased to have them be a part of our practice.

Brooke, Behavioral Health

There is a 'fear gap' that seems to prevent practitioners from moving towards private practice, particularly in the field of Psychotherapy. Carolina Billing Associates took the business aspect of this practice from a place of real uncertainty and worry to a state of viability and efficiency, and they did it quickly. Stacey Lambert and her team are a knowledge and experience base that repeatedly demonstrates itself to be not only extremely valuable but crucial. You cannot take medical billing forms to the bank as we all know so if you're swimming in a sea of forms you need to turn into actual payments - This is the firm for you. Their rates are beyond reasonable, their human touch is extremely attentive, warm, and professional, and their results cannot be beat. You can go and pay more but I seriously doubt you can get much better service than what they provide for their clients and they do it all locally ! Tiger Counseling is very proud to be associated with Carolina Billing Associates. They have been integral to our success in no uncertain terms .

Heidi, Physical Therapist

Working with Stacey and her team at Carolina Billing Associates has been a dream since I started my practice in 2019. They have seen me through some changes in software and are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful every step of the way. I cannot believe how easy they make it for me and I have had no issues with getting paid. Stacey makes sure that things are done correctly and timely. I highly recommend Carolina Billing Associates!